Neighborhood Improvement District (NID)

The City has adopted Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) policies and procedures to assist interested applicants in the consideration of the realistic possibilities of proposed NIDs pursuant to the City's policies and State statutes.

A NID may be created in an area desiring certain public-use improvements funded by special tax assessments to property owners in the area. The kinds of projects that can be financed through a NID must be facilities used by the public, and must confer a benefit on property within the NID.

NID Process Overview

NID's may be created by the Board of Aldermen calling for an election of the voters (requiring 4/7 of majority) or a petition by the property owners within the proposed district (requiring 2/3 of property owners).

  • Creation by property owners' petition: Petition is submitted to the City Clerk's Office.
  • City staff will report to the Board of Aldermen their recommendation on whether or not to enter into a funding agreement with applicant.
  • Upon verification of petition a public hearing is held.
  • Board approval or denial of NID

The standard initial funding agreement deposit is $15,000 for a NID. If a project extends beyond the initial deposit it is the developer's responsibility to replenish the fund as needed until the project is complete. Each project considered by the City will have a separately developed and specific funding agreement. For further information contact the Office of the City Administrator.

Downloadable NID Forms and Applications

Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) Act and Application