Municipal Court

Courts play a vital role in protecting people’s rights. Your role is just as important.

All City Code violations are tried before the Municipal Court of Osage Beach, which has original jurisdiction to hear and determine all such violations. Osage Beach’s Municipal Court is a part of the Circuit Court and follows the rules of such court in addition to the rules of the Supreme Court.

Prosecutions for the violations of City Code are instituted by information and are based on a complaint. All proceedings shall be in accordance with the Supreme Court rules governing practice and procedure in all proceedings before the Municipal Judge.

Defendants are entitled to trial by jury, as in prosecutions before an Associate Circuit Judge. Whenever a defendant accused of a violation of City Code demands a trial by jury, the Municipal Judge shall certify the case for assignment. Except where authorized by law and requested by the defendant or his/her attorney, all issues of fact shall be tried by the Municipal Judge.