Tickets and Fines

Citations payable through the Violations Bureau, click here. (Pay tickets)

When a ticket is issued for a violation(s) to City Ordinances, a citation is being given to appear in the Municipal Court of Osage Beach. Failure to appear at the time designated on the citation may result in an arrest warrant being issued.

For some traffic related citations, an Appearance, Pleas of Guilty and Waiver may be signed in order to waive your rights to a trial, enter a plea of guilty, and therefore, your appearance in court WILL NOT be required. Along with the citation, required payment must be mailed to the Municipal Court or paid in person at City Hall before the court date listed on the citation.

Charges Requiring Municipal Court Appearance

  • ANY charges involving drinking
  • ANY charges involving drugs
  • ANY charges involving an accident
  • Driving while suspended or revoked
  • Other charges as ordered by the court
  • Other City Code Violations as determined by the Municipal Judge