Do I have a water leak and what can the City do to help?

The City of Osage Beach is willing to help utility customers when possible leak issues are suspected by checking the meter to ensure it is working and reading properly, by assisting in determining whether water usage is normal, and by shutting off the water, if necessary. However, in most cases, the City is not responsible for leaks on private property and City employees are not allowed to enter a private residence to assist in locating or repairing a leak. Any leak on private property is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and may require the homeowner to hire a private contractor or plumber to handle repairs. 

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2. When will my City street be cleaned?
3. Who do I contact for cable/internet/phone problems?
4. Do I have a water leak and what can the City do to help?
5. Why is my sewer charge so much higher than my water charge?

The base rate for sewer is less than the base rate for water; however, the sewer volumetric rate is higher than the water volumetric rate. Therefore, with increased usage the total sewer charge will become higher than the total water charge. The capital and maintenance expenses associated with safely and adequately transporting sewage from homes and businesses to the sewage treatment plant are significantly higher than transporting water to homes and businesses. Click HERE for the most recent water and sewer rates.

6. What are the different forms of payment accepted by the City for utility payments?

The City of Osage Beach accepts cash, checks, and money orders via mail or at City Hall. The City also now accepts credit/debit cards at the City Hall window or online. In addition, the City offers direct debit as an electronic alternative by automatically drafting the utility payment out of a checking or savings account every month on the due date. Click HERE for the Direct Debit Authorization Form.