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Municipal Court
Responsibilities of the Court
Municipal Judge Bill Washburn
Bill Washburn, Municipal Judge
All City Code violations are tried before the Municipal Court of Osage Beach, which has original jurisdiction to hear and determine all such violations.    Osage Beach's Municipal Court is a part of the Circuit Court and follows the rules of such court in addition to the rules of the Supreme Court.

Prosecutions for the violations of City Code are instituted by information and are based on a complaint.   All proceedings shall be in accordance with the Supreme Court rules governing practice and procedure in all proceedings before the Municipal Judge. 

Defendants are entitled to trial by jury, as in prosecutions before an Associate Circuit Judge.   Whenever a defendant accused of a violation of City Code demands a trial by jury, the Municipal Judge shall certify the case for assignment.   Except where authorized by law and requested by the defendant or his/her attorney, all issues of fact shall be tried by the Municipal Judge.

Municipal Judge
The Municipal Judge is appointed by the Mayor, with consent of the Board of Aldermen, who holds office for a term of two (2) years beginning July 1 of each even numbered year.

The Municipal Judge is a licensed attorney who does not office within the City of Osage Beach.   The judge is the conservator of peace and administers oaths and enforces due obedience to all orders, rules, and judgments, and by fine or imprisonment for contempt of court, in the same manner and to the same extent as a Circuit Judge.

Michelle Taylor
Municipal Court Clerk

Dorothy Urlicks
Deputy Court Clerk

1000 City Parkway
Osage Beach, MO  65065

Ph: (573) 302-2000 x226
Fx: (573) 302-2041

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Office of the Municipal Clerk
The Office of the Municipal Court Clerk is under the supervision of the Municipal Judge and the Office of the City Clerk.  The Office of the Municipal Court consists of the Municipal Court Clerk and the Deputy Court Clerk, who serves as the Municipal Court Clerk in his/her absence.

The office is responsible for collecting and administering all fines, court costs, and bail monies assessed by the Municipal Judge.   The office prepares, signs, and/or issues warrants and subpoenas, and other duties as provided for by City Code, rules of practice and procedure adopted by the Municipal Judge, and as provided for by the Missouri Rules and Practice and Procedure in the Municipal and Traffic Courts.

Prosecuting Attorney
The City Attorney serves as the City Prosecutor and prosecutes misdemeanors and infractions of any provision of the City Code, regulation of the City, and/or any permits or entitlements authorized or issued by the City within the city limits.  

Refer to the Office of the City Attorney for more contact and detailed information.

Notice of Rights in Municipal Division







I understand that I have the following rights including the right to plead not guilty:


1.  The right to be fully advised of the nature of the charges against me.

2.  The right to be represented by an attorney.

3.  If I am indigent and court not afford an attorney I may be able to have an attorney appointed to represent me.

4. The right to a trial or a trial by jury of 12 people and all 12 jurors would have to find me guilty before I could be found guilty.

5.  The right to bring witnesses to testify on my behalf at a trial.

6.  The right to subpoena witnesses (to order them to appear at trial) to testify on my behalf.

7. The right to remain silent at trial, not be forced to testify if I did not want to testify and my silence could not be used against me.

8.  At trial I would be presumed innocent and the City would have to prove that I am guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.

9.  If I had a trial and I would found guilty I have the right to appeal the decision to the Associate Circuit Court in Camden county and could have a new trial.

10.  If I plead guilty or am found guilty, I may present evidence of my financial situation for the Court to consider in determining my ability to pay fines and/or court costs and to establish payment requirements.


I have been fully advised of the charges against me and I have been advised of the range of punishment is a fine and court costs up to $225.00 for minor traffic violations, or a fine between $1.00 up to a maximum of $500.00 and/or 1 days in jail to a maximum of 90 days in jail.


I am aware that my plea of guilty could expose me to enhancement of criminal penalties in the event I face any similar charges in the future, and that such plea of guilty will expose me to such other administrative or statutory requirements pertaining to my driving privileges as may be imposed by the Court or the Department of Revenue.

City of Osage Beach • 1000 City Parkway • Osage Beach, MO 65065• 573-302-2000•
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