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Permits & Fees
What Permits Do I Need?

If you are not sure what permits your project will need, please review the following list of permits and their requirements.  If you still have questions, contact the Building Official.


Building Permit Required for Residential and Commercial buildings/structures that are newly constructed, renovated, remodeled, relocated, altered, improved, converted, or demolished.    Includes Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Permit approvals. 

Application shall include specified supporting documents such as the site plans, detailed design drawings, professional stamped drawings, and an approval letter from the Osage Beach Fire District (as required for Commercial Permits).
Site Development A Site Development Permit is required for ALL new construction, residential and commercial.    Includes Water and Sewer Utility Permit approval.  

For the review and inspection of the construction and/or the grading site plans, a site development fee shall be due and is equal to 2% of the total estimated cost of improvement set out in the Schedule of Unit Prices.   Site Development Application and a completed Schedule of Unit Prices shall be submitted with the corresponding Building Permit Application.
ROW/Easement A ROW/Easement Work Permit is required for any work, excavation, trenching, or a fill in or fill over on any City easement.   A surety bond or a refundable cash bond in the amount of Two-Thousand Dollars ($2,000) is required for each job.
Blasting Permit                            A Blasting Permit is required for the storage, manufacturing, selling, possession, or transportation of approved explosives or blasting agents.  An additional permit from the Fire Official may be required.  A minimum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in the form of a bond or a liability insurance policy, or as determined by the City, to indemnify the City against any damages that may arise from the permitted blasting is required by all applicants.                                                                            
Excavating/Grading An Excavating/Grading Permit is required when any excavation or grading is done where more than fifty (50) cubic yards or material is to be removed or where the existing elevation is changed by more than two (2) feet.   Some exclusions apply.   Some projects may require necessary DNR permits.
Demolition Permit A Demolition Permit is required for any removal or demolition of any building, structure, or part thereof.    Some projects may require necessary DNR permits.
Sign Permit A Sign Permit is required for any person erecting, repairing, enlarging, altering, or relocating a sign within the City limits.   Sign permits are approved for zoning and approved by the Building Official.  Some exclusions do apply, i.e. real estate signs.
Building Permit Fees 
The Building permit fee is based on the estimated construction valuation of the proposed building/improvement.   All fees are due at the time the approved permit is picked up by the applicant   and BEFORE any work may be done.   Work for which a permit has been issued shall commence with in   30 days after the issuance or said permit shall be deemed terminated.
Building Permit Fees
Single-Family Dwelling Building Fees

$0 - $20,000 Total Valuation


Over $20,001 Total Valuation


  Plus: For Each Additional $1,000, or fraction thereof $2.00
Other Building Fees
$0-$10,000 Total Valuation $120.00
$10,001-$20,000 Total Valuation $170.00
$20,001-$200,000 Total Valuation $170.00
  Plus: For Each Additional $1,000, or fraction thereof, up to and including $200,000 $7.50
$200,001-$1 Million Total Valuation $1,520.00
  Plus: For Each Additional $1,000, or fraction thereof, up to and including $1 Million, after the first $200,000 $6.00
Over $1 Million $6,320.00
  Plus: For Each Additional $1,000, or fraction thereof, after the first $1 Million $2.00
Site Development Fees
The Site Development Fee is equal to Two percent (2%) of the total estimated cost of improvement and is required for the review and inspection of excavation and/or grading for all residential and commercial projects.   The fee applies to all grading plans and grading activity regardless of whether construction plans are submitted in conjunction therewith.   The estimated cost of improvement is computed per the Schedule of Unit Prices and is submitted as part of the Site Development Permit Application along with the corresponding Building Permit Application.  

Improvements include any structural, material or physical change incident to servicing or furnishing facilities for the site such as, but not limited to, removal of trees and other vegetative cover, grading, the installation of street pavement, curbs and gutters, driveway approaches, sidewalks, multi-purpose trails, traffic signals, and/or other off-site roadway improvements, water mains and lines, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, culverts, bridges, detention facilities, outfall structures, lakes, waterways, canals, permanent street monuments, street trees or any other improvement requiring or deemed necessary with the approved construction site plan.

Download Site Development Fees schedule.
Water Fees
Water service connection to the City's water system requires City approval by advanced application, fully paid fees, recorded easements, and inspected and properly installed meters.    Application for water service is made through the Site Development Permit Application process. 
Water Impact Fees - A one-time development fee to be paid with application of a building permit.
Per Meter In-City Out-Of-City
5/8" $1,150.00 $2,043.55
1" $2,875.00 $5,108.88
1 1/2" $5,750.00 $10,217.75
2" $9,200.00 $16,348.40
3" $18,400.00 $32,696.80
4" $57,500.00 $102,177.50
6" $143,750.00 $255,443.75
Multi-Family Residential -Per Unit Fee
3 plus Bedrooms $1,006.25 $1,788.11
2 Bedrooms $862.50 $1,532.66
1 Bedroom $718.75 $1,277.22
Meter Tap Fees - To be paid for each water service connection.
   5/8" Tap 1" Tap 1 1/2" Tap 2" and Larger Tap
       Tap Fee         Actual Cost-Labor, Materials, & Equipment

Sewer Fees
Requests for property extension to the City's public sewer system (wastewater facilities) require design and construction approval by the City through advanced application, fully paid fees, registered professional engineered stamped drawings and design computations.    Application for sewer extension is made through the Site Development Permit Application process.

Sewer Development Charges - One-time development fee to be paid with application of a building permit.
Area #/Location Multi-Family Residential Commercial (Meter Size)
Single-Family 1 Bdrm 2 Bdrm 3 Bdrm 5/8" 1" 1 1/2" 2" 3" 4"
1-Areas East of Sands $1,075 $672 $806 $941 $1,075 $2,688 $5,375 $8,600 $18,813 $53,750
2-East of Sands, Upstream of LS 30-6 $2,975 $1,859 $2,231 $2,603 $2,975 $7,438 $14,875 $23,800 $52,063 $148,750
3-East of Sands, Upstream of LS 54N-1 $1,855 $1,159 $1,391 $1,623 $1,855 $4,638 $9,275 $14,840 $32,463 $92,750
4-East of Sands, Upstream of LS 22-3 $1,410 $881 $1,058 $1,234 $1,410 $3,525 $7,050 $11,280 $24,675 $70,500
5-East of Sands, Upstream of LS 29-1 $1,490 $931 $1,118 $1,304 $1,490 $3,725 $7,450 $11,920 $26,075 $74,500
6-West of Sands, East of Normandy Rd $1,900 $1,188 $1,425 $1,663 $1,900 $4,750 $9,500 $15,200 $33,250 $95,000
7-West of Normandy Rd, East of KK EQ $2,255 $1,409 $1,691 $1,973 $2,255 $5,638 $11,275 $18,040 $39,463 $112,750
8-Upstream of KK EQ $2,835 $1,772 $2,126 $2,481 $2,835 $7,088 $14,175 $22,680 $49,613 $141,750
9-West of Normandy Rd, Port Lane Area $2,825 $1,766 $2,119 $2,472 $2,825 $7,063 $14,125 $22,600 $49,438 $141,250
Plant Capacity Fee - To be paid for access to the City's sewer system.
Class Name Description Fee
 A Residential, Light Commercial Single-Family Residential w/ <2.5 bath,
Small Commercial Office/Retail,
Multi-Family per unit Charge,
No Laundries/Laundromates, No Restaurants
Max Continuous Demand <10 gpm
 B Small-Medium Commercial Large Residents, w/ swimming pools,
lawn irrigation <6,000 sq ft,
Hote/Motel w/ <15 units,
Small Restaurants <75 seats, FF w/DriveThru,
Other Small-Med Commercial,
Max Continuous Demand <25 gpm
 C Medium Commercial Hotel/Motel w/ <35 units,
Med Restaurants >75 seast, No Outdoor seats,
Other Medium Commercial,
Max Continuous Demand <50 gpm
 D Med-Large Commercial Hotel/Motel w/ <70 units,
Large Restaurants >175 seats, Outdoor seats,
Other Med-Large Commercial,
Max Continuous Demand <80 gpm
 E Large Commercial 1 Hotel/Motel w/ <150 units,
Other large Commercial,
Max Continuous Demand <160 gpm
 F Large Commercial 2 Hotel/Motel w/ <300 units,
Max Continuous Demand <250 gpm
 G Maximum Demand Commercial Hotel/Motel w/ >301 units,
Max Continuous Demand >1,000 gpm
        Pay Permit and Other Fees Online HERE.

Permit Application and Forms:
Residential                                                                          Other                                 
Building Permit Application                                          Blasting/Explosives Permit Application        
Permit Application Information Sheet                           Demolition Permit Application
Site Development Application                                      Excavation/Grading Permit Application
Site Development Schedule of Prices                           OBFPD Sign-off Letter 
                                                                                ROW/Easement Permit Application         
Commercial                                                             Sign Permit Application
Building Permit Application                 
Permit Application Information Sheet                           
Site Development Application                                                            
Site Development Schedule of Prices

Total Construction Value Permitted by Month
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Permit application forms may also be obtained from the Osage Beach Building Department located at City Hall, 1000 City Parkway, Osage Beach, MO 65065.    Please contact the Building Department for questions or further clarification.

For a complete list of all downloadable forms, licenses, permits, applications, etc. from all City departments, click HERE(Adobe required.)

City of Osage Beach • 1000 City Parkway • Osage Beach, MO 65065• 573-302-2000•
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