Terms & Conditions

  • Discharging or releasing arrows from archery devices within the City limits is prohibited except where the hunter is acting under a permit issued under this Chapter.
  • No hunting with firearms and/or crossbows is allowed within the City.
  • No hunting is allowed on any private property within the City without the prior consent of the owner.
  • No hunting is allowed on any private property within the City without prior notice of the hunt given to the Osage Beach Public Works Department at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the commencement of the hunt. The notice shall include the location, date, times and names of all hunters.
  • All current laws and regulations of the State of Missouri governing hunting shall be obeyed by all hunters within the corporate limits of Osage Beach.
  • Each person hunting pursuant to this Section must be approved by the City of Osage Beach.
  • Each hunter who is permitted to hunt within the City shall carry and display at all times while on the hunt, a permit card displayed in the hunter's vehicle and carried on each hunter's person. Such card shall be displayed upon request of any police officer, conservation agent or appropriate City enforcement officer.
  • Each owner, lessee, or person in charge of any private property may require any such additional restrictions for the hunt upon such premises or property as they deem reasonable or necessary.
  • No hunting is authorized on tracts of land less than two (2) acres in area. Adjoining tracts of land less than two (2) acres may be combined to meet this requirement with permission from both property owners.
  • Each hunter shall hunt only on the tract or location specified on the permit. One (1) hunter allowed from two (2) to five (5) acres or as a team of two (2) up to five (5) acres.
  • Each hunter shall hunt only during the times and dates specified on the permit.
  • All hunters shall park their vehicles on the same property on which they are hunting.
  • The City Park is closed to hunting after 10:00 A.M. and hunting will be allowed on specific dates only.
  • The Osage Beach Public Works Director or his/her designee shall impose reasonable restrictions on the number of hunters hunting on the same site at the same time.
  • Prior to discharging an archery device intended to be used for hunting, it shall be the hunter's responsibility to permanently mark each arrow with his/her Missouri Department of Conservation number.
  • All hunters must report to the Osage Beach Public Works Department within twenty-four (24) hours all deer harvested in the City limits of Osage Beach.


Refer to Municipal Code Chapter 207 or contact Public Works for more information or with any questions.