Payment of Fines and Court Costs

Types of Payment

The City accepts cash, check, money order, cashier’s check and credit/debit cards. Credit/Debit cards will incur a service charge based on the transaction amount. This is a service charge collected by the credit/debit card processing company, not the City.

Inability to Pay

If you are found guilty and you cannot pay your fines and court costs at that time, you may ask the Judge to put you on a payment plan. The Judge will ask questions to determine a pay plan that is reasonable to both the Court and you. 

If you are put on a pay plan, you are entering into an agreement to make payments on a set schedule or to have the fine and court cost paid in full by a set date. If you are on a payment plan with the Court and cannot make a payment or need the plan adjusted, you will need to appear in front of the Judge to ask for that adjustment. 

Call the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office to request your need to speak to the Judge about your pay plan and the Court Clerk will give you a date and time to appear.