Child Fingerprinting/DNA Program

We offer a child fingerprinting/DNA program designed to give families a measure of protection against the ever-increasing problem of missing and abducted children. By participating in this program, parents and caregivers are taking a proactive measure to combat the time sensitivity involved in recovery. The program is free of charge to every family that participates. 

Every participant is provided:

  • An ink fingerprint card
  • An information collection sheet to be filled out by parents or guardians
  • DNA kits with instructions

Together, these measures provide a powerful and useful recovery tool. Our goal is to keep kids safe! No information is retained by the Osage Beach Police Department. Everything is given to the parent or caregiver for safe keeping. For more information or to schedule a fingerprinting activity, please contact our Community Services Coordinator at (573) 302-2010 ext. 1110.