Prescription/Non-Prescription Drug Take Back

The Osage Beach Police Department's drug collection and disposal program is a means to provide a safe location for citizens to properly dispose of unused and unwanted prescription/non-prescription medications. This program provides an environmentally safe alternative to disposing of both prescription and non-prescription medications in landfills and sewer systems that may negatively affect the environment. This program encourages citizens to remove their unwanted/un-needed, and/or expired medications from their homes. It also reduces access to potentially addictive prescription drugs for accidental or intentional misuse by family or friends within the household.

Citizens are encouraged to stop by the Osage Beach Police Department to drop off their medications any time during the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The service is free and anonymous; no questions asked. Being an anonymous program, no investigations will be conducted relative to any prescription being dropped off. For more information about the disposal of prescription drugs, contact our Community Services Coordinator at (573) 302-2010 ext. 1110.

Acceptable Items

Expired or unwanted prescription medications
Expired or unwanted over the counter medications
Vitamins and nutritional supplements
Medications for household pets
Homeopathic remedies

Unacceptable Items

Aerosol containers such as inhalers
Needles or other "sharps"
Medical waste (iv bags, bloody/infected waste)