Media and Communications

Media and Communications Mission

To inform the public about issues, programs, and services to enhance awareness, interest, understanding, and engagement in the City of Osage Beach.

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for the regular dissemination of public information regarding the City of Osage Beach to the media.

The PIO hosts press conferences, writes press releases and articles which are available to the media and the public online through the "Latest News" section of our website as well as the City of Osage Beach Facebook and Twitter pages.

The City Administrator is the Official PIO for the City of Osage Beach; however, the Police Department’s Administrative Lieutenant acts as PIO on behalf of the Police Department.

Media Requests

If you are a member of the media and would like to be added to the City of Osage Beach media contact list, email your name, news affiliation, and email address.

Social Media

Media and Communications oversees the content shared on the City website and all City of Osage Beach social media channels.