Mayor and Board of Aldermen

2023 Mayor and Board of Aldermen
Pictured Left to Right:    Alderman Justin Hoffman (Ward 2), Alderman Kevin Rucker (Ward 1), Alderman Phyllis Marose (Ward 2), Mayor Michael Harmison, Alderman Kellie Schuman (Ward 3), Alderman Bob O'Steen (Ward 1), and Alderman Richard Ross (Ward 3)
Mission Statement 2022

Wards and Terms

Member Ward Term Expiration First Elected
Michael Harmison Mayor April 2024 April 2022
Bob O'Steen Ward 1 April 2025 Appointed 2020
Kevin Rucker Ward 1 April 2024 April 2008
Justin Hoffman Ward 2 April 2025 April 2023
Phyllis Marose Ward 2 April 2024 April 2014
Richard Ross* Ward 3 April 2025 April 2017
Kellie Schuman Ward 3 April 2024 Appointed 2021
*Denotes Board President      

Ward Map

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City Ward Map